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Where are new build developments headed today?

The current trajectory for new-build developments in Marbella and the Costa del Sol and the consequences for the local property sector.

The area formed by the towns of Benahavis, Estepona and Marbella, also known as the Golden Triangle, is without a doubt one of the clearest examples of the consolidation of high-end properties on the Costa del Sol. This area is not just known for being one of the most popular places for a second home amongst both Spaniards and foreigners, but also for having a long history in the contemporary property sector.


What is the future for property developments?

The situation has changed drastically for property developments in recent years. We have moved on from traditional developments to a very different process, where the scenarios and players involved are evolving in line with digital advances and innovation in the sector. Much talked-about aspects, such as sustainable property projects or new information channels, now form part of a more dynamic and complex sector which sees new-build developments in Marbella being carried out in a new way.

You don’t have to travel very far across the golden triangle to see the efforts of property developers in creating a clear and unique architectural theme. It’s a model that aims to link the modern and the traditional in order to achieve a perfect harmony capable of uniting contemporary architecture with more stand-out features of local architecture. This is achieved through a particular focus on crucial aspects, such as the use of artisan materials in construction, the strategic use of patios as a basic feature or the importance of porches and gardens, amongst others.


“Architecture as a transformative feature of the landscape”


The architect Juan Salvador Shvartzberg perfectly defines the model that he has made so popular in recent years in the high-end property sector in areas like the golden triangle as “Architecture as a transformative feature of the landscape”, a clear reflection of the general strategy for new-build developments in Marbella.

According to data presented during the DOM3 Strategic Forum, organised by the Association of Entrepreneurs for High-Quality Homes, more than 100 luxury villas and 450 high-end apartments were built in this area in 2018, figures which clearly show the growth of the property sector in this iconic part of the Costa del Sol. We’re talking about nearly €450 million euros generated by the sector during the past year, of which €170 million was paid in taxes. Additionally, the sector created a total of 5,000 full-time jobs and 15,000 indirect jobs; figures that are more than enough to demonstrate the value and potential of this sector as a principal focus for new-build developments in Marbella and on the coast.





The development of the construction process as a key factor for the advancement of the sector


Another important factor to consider, which was perfectly defined by Roque Justicia (managing director of Proinsermant) during the DOM3 event regarding the situation of new-builds in Marbella and the development of high-end properties on the Costa del Sol, are the distinct variables which are restructuring the construction process:


  • Digitalisation and changes to management systems for BIM (Building Information Modelling) projects, through the use of a digital model that organises collaborative work for the different parties involved in the creation and management of construction projects.
  • Innovation through R&D and energy efficiency across all processes in order to position them as benchmarks within the local property sector.
  • The use of 3D digital prefabrication, robotics and dimensional simulation. Today, simulators and modelling environments provide great possibilities for understanding the way that the processes’ technical systems will function.
  • The integration of sustainability in property projects, enabling the sector to become more complete and up to date. The reduction of energy consumption, the responsible use of water, responsible waste management, and the regulation of CO2 levels within the property through the use of micro-filtration are just a few examples of the sustainable reality of new-build projects in Marbella and the property sector on the Costa del Sol.



new build developments in Marbella



The sector is constantly advancing and renewing itself in order to evolve gradually. In the future, it will be vital to continue addressing factors like the local situation, the needs of the population and the essential aspects of the area in order to overcome new challenges and drive the appearance of new-build property developments in the area.

Nowadays, investing in land and its later development is being done in a new way in line with current trends, and the advances and improvements in the sector can be seen directly in the new projects that stand out for their distinct nuances.

At FM Consulting Realty Group, we pursue a line of work consistent with these changes by approaching both the marketing and development of our clients’ projects with an innovative vision regarding the situation and specific moment when property projects are carried out.

If you’re thinking of investing in land to develop a property project or already own land, let us know more about your project idea and we will help you to outline a strategy for its complete development and subsequent marketing. You’ll clearly see what sets us apart from the rest, and we will share with you the expertise that enables us to provide our clients with the added value needed to achieve their expected results. We would like to share with you in this next article what´s the trajectory about the contemporary property projects in Marbella and the Costa del Sol.

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