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FM Consulting in the Business Day of EXPO Costa del Sol

On 30 May 2019, the Business Day of EXPO Costa del Sol, the greatest and largest real estate event in Costa del Sol, took place to bring together over 100 people with more than 70 agencies, among which FM Consulting was honoured to be invited and present. Within the conference, we proudly announced our projects SYZYGY and Takara among the attendants of the event, our representative then cleared all doubts and our team provided more personalised attention to those seeking for further information or assistance in our stand. FM Consulting EXPO Costa del Sol Since the beginning of FM Consulting in 1997, when we started promoting real estate in Monteparaíso, we have provided people with a special place they can proudly call home, anywhere from La Cala de Mijas to La Alcaidesa. THE STARRING PROJECTS Takara Villa, a luxury masterpiece As it was presented in the Business Day of EXPO Costa del Sol, Takara Villas is one of our most recent and outstanding works. The project is based on 10 luxury Villas located in the Estepona Golf area, in-between sea and golf views. The 2,368 square-feet constructions are built on 8,159 square feet and some of them have an optional basement of 1,937 square feet. This project has been materialized to redefine the concept of living with style in Costa del Sol. While the landscapes and natural settings are the essences of serenity and peacefulness, the clean white lines softened with gentle curves give birth to the ideas of the architect Luis Escarcena Gil, a creative master that mixes the best of nature with the modern walls to create these 10 lifestyle masterpieces. SYZYGY Residence, nature and style in one place Along with Takara, SYZYGY Residence was also presented as one of our proudest offers. The project still has 9 apartments in Cancelada that are scheduled to be completed in July and available shortly after. Syzygy’s foundations are based on the conjunction of comfort, luxury and closeness to nature, which combined cover most needs and likes. The exclusive community who have access to these residences will enjoy the modern architectural styling that merges the indoor and outdoor living spaces to create a new tier in terms of quality of life. Finally, it was highlighted that those who sell the Syzygy project while being members of the expo until 31 August this year will enjoy a special bonus that nobody will want to miss. One-on-one interview EXPO Costa del Sol also asked us for an exclusive individual interview, in which our Sales Director, María Cuevas, carefully explained who we are and each one of the projects we are currently promoting with detail. If you are interested in checking it out, you just have to click here.

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