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Property projects developed from a different perspective

Our process for developing and later marketing property projects boasts added value, making it stand out from the rest.


Including a focus on holiday letting management during the planning and development stage of a property project can lead to improved sales during the marketing phase, as well as bringing greater profitability to future owners when they are not using the property themselves. This is the result of joining together the two services that we offer at FM Consulting Realty Group.

On one hand, we offer a specific and exclusive service as property agents for projects of certain size, whilst on the other hand, we have also provided hotel management services for over 30 years, giving us the experience to provide added value in the property market.

At FM Consulting Realty Group, we have experience promoting our own projects; experience which allows us to understand and manage this part of the process perfectly and work as advisors to other promoters at all stages of their project today. This way, we not only offer a service to market their property, but we can also offer a personalised service that covers the complete planning and management of their property projects.





The Costa del Sol area in Malaga, particularly areas like the Golden Triangle on the coast of Marbella, are popular places for people buying a second home in Spain. Currently, residential tourism in this area is, if anything, more important than the conventional hotel sector. We also have to factor in the current local situation, which will completely change demand for tourist accommodation, leading to an increase in demand for holiday homes in the future.

Cortijo del Mar Resort is a clear example of how a property project can achieve exponential growth in the sale of homes during the marketing phase of the project and of how owners who have bought a second home can make a profit through hotel management services.



proyectos inmobiliarios en Marbella



What´s the actual way of actions of the realty sector?


Furthermore, the profile of buyers looking for a second home in Marbella and the surrounding area have greater purchasing power, which is another reason why high-end properties have grown exponentially in recent years. The increasing popularity of contemporary architecture, as well as the importance of nationally and internationally renowned architects, has also been another reason for the success of the local property market.

When it comes to managing new property projects at FM Consulting Realty Group, a prior study of the project is carried out in order to develop an appropriate plan for managing lets in order to achieve better short-term results during the marketing phase, if applicable. This will optionally include a specific, tailored, strategic plan for each property project with the conditioning of useful rooms required for future hospitality management in the complex.

Ultimately, one of the things that sets FM Consulting services apart in the sector is our innovation in the strategic planning of property projects. The added value of the option of letting management is just one innovative factor for any project that requires it, and a key way of boosting a sale, increasing the chance of a sale during the marketing phase and adding value for the future owners of new build developments in Marbella and Costa del Sol after the purchase.

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