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Real Estate association LPA

Meet the ‘Leading Property Agents of Spain’ Association

The Leading Property Agents of Spain or the Real Estate association LPA was created to regulate the property sector in Marbella and the Costa del Sol


We already know that Marbella and the Costa del Sol have an international reputation. As well as being the chosen destination each year for many holidaymakers, it is also one of the main places in Spain where people are currently choosing to buy a second home. This is the main reason that the property market in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, which has been steadily developing for decades, now stands out for having its own distinct personality which bears little resemblance to the reality in the rest of the peninsula.


How did the LPA come about?


 The LPA property association was first developed over the course of 2006 and 2007. However, with the arrival of the economic crisis, the association would have to wait until fairly recently to see the light of day. LPA is the result of collaboration between various professionals in the property sector, including estate agents and agencies, with the aim of generating confidence, highlighting the importance of the sector and ensuring professional responsibility in the promotion of Marbella and the Costa del Sol as a holiday destination and second homes market.


“For the first time, a lobby has been created to interact with the institutions, hoping to include over a hundred business from Marbella and the surrounding area” – from the newspaper, Diario Sur


The association’s objective is to establish a direct relationship with authorities and institutions, as well as with other associations, in order to promote and improve communications with public authorities on matters regarding the property sector and residential tourism, which is particularly important for the area. The entrepreneurs leading LPA are José Carlos León (President), Fausto Martínez (Vice-president) and Christopher Clover (Honorary Vice-president). Agencies that are participating as members of the association include Panorama, Diana Morales and Nebado Realty.


“It’s time to join forces and work together so that our property sector can reach a true level of excellence.” José Carlos León – President of the Real Estate Association LPA



Real Estate association LPA




What is the main objective of LPA?


With so many opportunities for buying and selling properties in the area, new estate agencies and industry professionals are constantly appearing on the coast of Málaga. This is just one of the reasons that LPA has been created: to regulate the property sector in Marbella and the Costa del Sol, and to ensure that it develops correctly and that professional standards are maintained.

Another of LPA’s fundamental objectives is to use this collaboration between industry professionals, such as the active participation of estate agencies in Marbella and the Costa del Sol with other experts, to create partnerships that allow professionals to be stronger in a market which is often damaged by intrusion and, on occasion, a lack of serious professionalism.

LPA has therefore proposed defining a code of ethics, through which a common approach can be established with the aim of developing and improving working practices for a serious, professional property sector. Through this, members will be expected to provide an exemplary service to the customer, with a personalised approach that unites expertise with the highest professional standards.

Ultimately, LPA and its members have the shared goal of promoting transparency, collaboration and the sharing of knowledge, and establishing a shared code of conduct for the sustainable development of the sector.


“The formation of LPA with its headquarters in Marbella is a historic step for Marbella”  Fausto Martínez – President of FM Consulting



How is collaboration promoted between members?


One of the reasons that the association’s members consider it to be so beneficial to learning and business development is the emphasis on joint participation. Through the organisation of events, the association hopes not just to promote teamwork and participation between different member businesses, but also to offer networking opportunities for members.

A presentation about the fundamental importance of images in property sales by property photographer Charly Simon has been one of the association’s more recent events, as part of its commitment to audio-visual innovation in the sector. Another recent example of events offered by LPA to support to progress and innovation was a seminar by José María Morente (Managing Director of Marbella Urban Planning) on the current state of the General Urban Plan, better known as the PGOU.

The promotion of these types of events, which include presentations by industry professionals and training workshops in different fields, will doubtlessly contribute towards helping the sector stay up to date and current in all areas.

In conclusion, LPA aspires to become an example to follow in terms of approval procedures for land and urban planning instruments. Promoting innovation, transparency and the sharing of knowledge and ideas is fundamental, but so too is the development of professional standards of conduct which will take the property sector in Marbella and the Costa del Sol to the highest levels of excellence and guarantee its future.



Asociación inmobiliaria LPA

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